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This may have been my misunderstanding but I assumed "live" would be accurate shots of streets. I was wrong! My neighbor sold her car over 2 months ago and when I searched our street it shows the car that was sold in her yard, mind you the car has been gone for over 2 months! So dont believe the title it is not live! Its not even up to date!


Not even worth the $1.99. Do not get sucked in. Pass this by.


I should have read review first, my bad! I too thought it would be actual live shots! Wasted 2 bucks.....


I got this app thinking it would be live. BUT ITS NOT! This app: IS NOT LIVE! WASTE OF MONEY!

Very very Bad App.

Its a fraud . $ 2 by by ,


It is not even live, and difficult to use. DO NOT BUY!

This is not worth being free

I am asking for a refund its not even close to what you say this is please refund my money

Lies not live

You should really refund the $1.99. This is not a live app


A full refund would be in order.Im watching new Apple events ,and with 11Apple products in this home,Im thinking enough is enough.Very discouraging.

View Streets

This is the biggest waste of money I have seen in the App Store. It is worthless unless you want to look at one map they provide. You can move around the world using a joy stick if you have a lot of time. I can not find a way of putting in the address I want to see. You should remove this app from the store and refund the purchases that have been made.

Estuped app

Do not work .. Do not waste your money..

Not live , cheating

I bought , to thought live street view , and try my street , but not live , i dont know why Google took me this apps !

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