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Google Earth live

Is not live !!!!very disappointed dad Google lie , do not buy it.

Just a Google map

Detail says you see the street views, inside auditoriums,etc. Doesnt work. All you get is a Google type map.


This app is junk, dont waste your money. It doesnt work, how do we get our money back?

please dont buy.

Application poorly done and totally unnecessary

Bad App

This died not work a complete rip off I did not read the reviews and now it cost me. They should be reported to the app police


Ive been cheated. Completely useless

It doesnt work!

I ask my money back. This app offers just few selected sites in italy.

Pessima/ Awful

Non funziona con IOS 6, dovevano specificarlo. Soldi buttati!!! It doesnt work with IOS 6!!! I squandered my money!!!

Excellent view

I am very satisfied with the real high true HD quality view this app show, great value for the money...

Good view but not real time

The view of the street is excellent but certainly not real time. I checked my street and found in my driveway a car that I sold eight months ago!


Crashes any time I try to select full screen or rotate street view images. Guess Ill power cycle iPad and see if it works then.


What a waste of bucks! This app did not work! Totally disappointed!!

Complete Rip Off - I Want A Refund!

The several 5 star reviews had to be posted by the publisher of this piece of crap. The street view does not scroll by finger and the two little rotate arrows, only moves the view down to the ground or up in the air. When you click on the full view button, it takes you to Google maps mobile version, that does not have the Pegman icon for Streetview, like the instruction say. Much better off with Live Street View Free. It has a few small issues but beats this inferior app.

Terrible upgrade!!

The free app is way better!!

Street View

What happened to the street view, please fix. It went from a 5 star to a 1 star.

Bad App

Do not waste your money!

Does not work

This was a ripoff and I want my money back. Just look at the reviews. I should have read them first. How could apple approve this?

Dont Buy!

This is WORTHLESS! Even the few times that it doesnt crash all it does it open the browser. It appears they are just cashing in on the fact that iOS6 lost the real Street View. This app should never have made it into the App Store. Zero stars...

I am an idiot !!!

I am so stupid. With Google Maps street view now absent in iOS6, idiots like me blindly follow the lemming horde over the Apple cliff by thinking that surely, SURELY Apple wouldnt double screw us by offering a $2.99 app that is supposed to bring back the street view - but doesnt. Very very clever Apple. I guess I should be angry, but I admire you for your ability to make money off of the people who trust your brand so much that they are willing to give you their money even when you are offering absolutely nothing in return. And me, they blame themselves. I am an idiot who will probably fall for crAPPs from you just like this one over and over again. Hopefully, others wont be so dumb.

Total Waste of Money

Cant get the legman to appear on any address I enter, not even my house, which shows up on other maps. Do NOT waste your money.

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